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#DAREtobe - stands for "Digital Activists Revolutionising Experiences".
This is a series of networking events banding together all marketing practitioners and business owners who believe in levelling up their game in digital marketing and beyond, and applying these learnings in their daily work.

Come and join us if you believe in the power of digital marketing as well.

About Company of Twenty Seven
Dedicated to helping businesses simplify their marketing and to keep their brands at top of mind recall for consumers, we provide a wide range of marketing services from campaign development, web and digital strategies to events planning to ease the pain points of our clients. With more than a decade of experience behind us, our team specialises in developing and implementing integrated marketing campaigns across omni-platforms to achieve desired conversions and meaningful conversations with their target audience.

Company of Twenty Seven's model allows organisations of varying scales to optimise their current resources through our integrated and cost-effective programmes. We are strong believers of research and testing, to help our consumers stay ahead of their game and their competitors. Using data and insights, we will bring instrumental changes to your organisation, and look forward to be your partner in your next campaign.

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